Health care and digitization: The Federal Council plans to speed up with DigiSanté.

The Swiss Federal Council has adopted the DigiSanté program to accelerate digitization in the healthcare sector, aiming to improve efficiency, quality of care and patient safety. This 10-year effort, divided into four packages, aims to create a network of interoperable systems to facilitate the efficient exchange of data between healthcare facilities, authorities and stakeholders.

As part of this initiative, the importance of digitization is underscored by a specific commitment: CMO CASSA MALATI ONLINE is committed to digitizing the processes of choosing and managing health insurance coverage. This represents a significant step, as it adds an additional customer service, contributing to the digital transformation of the health insurance industry in Switzerland.

The adoption of DigiSanté is crucial to overcoming current limitations in data transmission between different systems and improving coordination between actors in the sector. This initiative, with funding of 392 million francs over 10 years, is designed to create an integrated digital environment, enabling a seamless flow of data and promoting the overall efficiency of the Swiss healthcare system.

The involvement of CMO CASSA MALATI ONLINE in the context of digitization is a positive sign, as the adoption of digital practices in insurance coverage management is a step toward meeting customer needs in an increasingly digitized world. The collaboration between the healthcare and insurance sectors reflects a concrete commitment to broader digital transformation, improving accessibility and simplifying processes for the benefit of consumers.