Michael Jordi assumes the leadership of the Federal Commission for Quality in the Swiss Health Care System.

The landscape of extra-parliamentary commissions is enriched with a new player with the appointment of Michael Jordi as chairman of the Federal Commission on Quality (CFQ). The decision was made in the context of elections for the full renewal of extra-parliamentary commissions, announced by the Federal Council on December 19, 2023. Michael Jordi, former secretary general of the Conference of Cantonal Health Directors (CDS), assumes the responsibility of leading the CFQ during the period 2024-2027, succeeding Pierre Chopard, who chose not to run again.

The CFQ, established in April 2021 following a revision of the Federal Health Insurance Act, plays a crucial role in developing the quality of care provided in the Swiss health care system. The commission is not only tasked with making recommendations but also has the power to award grants, actively helping to promote projects and programs dedicated to quality of care.

In particular, the CFQ has initiated significant programs on topics such as quality development in nursing homes and sepsis management. These are complemented by several ongoing projects addressing key issues related to quality and patient safety. The committee continues to promote innovation and research through the regular publication of new calls for proposals.

Alongside Michael Jordi, the Federal Council appointed five new CFQ members, confirming its commitment to ensuring a broad spectrum of expertise and perspectives on the commission. Adriana Degiorgi, Guy Haller, Annette Jamieson, Roswitha Koch Heepen, and Joachim Rapin will bring their contributions to promoting quality in the Swiss health care system.

Pierre Chopard, the outgoing chairman, expresses confidence in the work of the CFQ to date and hopes that its efforts will continue to yield positive results during the new term. The appointment of Michael Jordi and the new composition of the committee signal a continued commitment by the Federal Council to ensuring high quality standards in medical care in Switzerland.