Statistics speak of a Potential Savings of 6'117 Chf thanks to CMO services

In Switzerland in 2022, healthcare expenditures exceeded 86 billion francs. This figure takes center stage in the analysis of average annual spending per person, which includes both actual health care expenditures and monthly insurance premiums.

The formula used to make a brief count is as follows:


Using a monthly insurance premium of 450 francs, representative of a standard policy for an adult with a T1 Ticino tariff, we obtain an approximate result of 10.117 francs as the average annual expenditure per person.

( 86 000 000 000 ➗ 8 500 000 ) ➕ 450 ✖️ 12 🟰 10,117 CHF/year

It is crucial to note that the health expenditure figure of 86 billion is for the year 2022, reflecting the economic and health situation in that year. Similarly, the insurance premium included in the formula reflects a standard rate for adults with residence in the Canton of Ticino having a policy with a CHF 2,500 deductible and average supplementary coverage.

In this complex context, CMO's Online Health Insurance Fund consulting stands out, going beyond mere insurance consulting. CMO, through detailed analysis and accurate calculations, strives to ensure that clients not only obtain the appropriate coverage but also minimize their overall expense.

The data show that CMO's clients record an average annual expenditure of between 4,000 and 7,500 francs, demonstrating the potential savings from wise choice and specialized advice offered by CMO.

In addition to this CMO Online Sick Fund has noticed how many times, the reimbursements of various claims are not reimbursed due to errors in the application process. Therefore, CMO supports the client all-around by managing the claims and ensuring maximum reimbursement. In 2023 alone, CMO recovered more than 3,000 CHF of erroneous or rejected reimbursements.

In conclusion, the 2022 context underscores the importance of informed decisions, and CMO emerges as a strategic partner for optimizing health care expenditures with a potential of CHF 6,000/year per adult.

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