The Fuzzy Debate in Lugano: Electronic Cigarettes, Health and Addiction.

On the streets of Lugano, it is hard not to notice vapers enveloped in clouds of fragrant vapor. However, recent research from the University of Innsbruck has cast shadows on the alleged health benefits of the electronic cigarette. Contrary to widespread belief, it appears that the e-cig may be just as harmful as its traditional counterpart. But will this be enough to discourage those fond of aromatic clouds?

A quick survey of Lugano residents would suggest not. Surprisingly, it seems that the unpleasant smell of traditional tobacco is more cause for concern than the health effects. Indeed, many have abandoned traditional cigarettes in favor of vaping, believing it to be a less harmful choice. However, there is an unexpected revelation: some believe that vaping has become even more difficult to quit than traditional smoking.

This new perspective has left many in Lugano uncertain about their habits. However, it is important to remember that tobacco also took years before it was recognized as a serious health risk.

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