Groupe Mutuel gives a Turn of Lives on Alternative Medicine Therapies Reimbursements

The insurance company Groupe Mutuel recently notified its policyholders of an important update regarding reimbursement for alternative medicine therapies.

In a notice, the company informed that starting from March 2024, controls have been intensified in order to avoid a significant increase in insurance premiums. This decision was prompted by the observation of a considerable increase in alternative medicine services in recent years.

Accordingly, Groupe Mutuel clarified that it will only be possible to obtain reimbursement for therapies recognized by the conditions of the insurance. The list of alternative medicine therapies taken care of has been specified in the special conditions of the SB-Bonus supplementary insurance provided to policyholders.

An important point highlighted in the communication concerns nutritional therapy, which will no longer be taken over by the insurance company. However, the possibility has been introduced to obtain reimbursement for dietary counseling, with a maximum of three sessions in three years, in the amount of CHF 50 per session, not subject to the annual deductible of CHF 150. It is necessary that the counseling be provided by a dietician recognized in accordance with Article 50a of the Health Insurance Ordinance (HMO).

This decision by Groupe Mutuel reflects a growing trend among insurance companies to control and limit the costs associated with alternative medicine therapies in order to keep insurance premiums sustainable for all policyholders.