Swiss Federal Council Approves Key Goals for the Federal Quality Commission in 2024.

The Swiss Federal Council recently approved the annual goals for 2024 for the Federal Commission on Quality (CFQ) at its meeting on Dec. 22, 2023. This step follows the revision of the CFQ's annual report for 2022, focusing on key national programs such as quality development in nursing and elderly homes, as well as in the context of sepsis. Another priority goal concerns a study on adverse events in the health care sector.

The 15 expert members of the CFQ, drawn from different areas of the health care industry, continue to play an essential role in the development of performance quality in the compulsory health care insurance (AOMS). The commission, established in 2021, consolidated its activities during its first full fiscal year in 2022, investing time in developing relationships with key stakeholders and recognizing the importance of patient involvement.

During 2022, the CFQ funded 11 projects, selected from 47 applications for financial aid, totaling about 5 million francs, demonstrating its concrete commitment to promoting quality performance. The approval of annual targets for 2024 reflects the willingness to maintain the positive momentum and pursue a continuous strategy. The goals include continuing the work done so far, meeting the Federal Council's goals for quality development, and prioritizing the implementation of quality agreements signed between the federations of service providers and those of insurers.

With an unwavering focus on improving the quality of care, the CFQ is committed to using its funds effectively and supporting projects that contribute to the established goals. The approval of annual targets for 2024 reflects the Federal Council's continued commitment to promoting high-quality and sustainable Swiss healthcare.