"National Health2030 Conference" under the banner of digitization

Bern, 20.02.2024 - Federal Councillor Elisabeth Baume-Schneider opened the "National Health2030 Conference" in Bern today, emphasizing the importance of sound and financially sustainable basic care and close cooperation among all partners involved in the health sector. Digital transformation, the central theme of this year's conference, was defined by the Federal Councillor as a priority because it is a way to strengthen the health care system. Although Switzerland has invested considerably in digitization, these efforts have not been sufficiently coordinated. Better linkage between different systems is needed to ensure easier access to health information in digital format. During the conference, experts from the federal government presented the program for promoting digital transformation (Digisanté) and discussed concrete projects together with representatives from the cantons, experts from the scientific sector, and other healthcare stakeholders.

Trust is key to effective digitization

More than 320 representatives from the health sector attended the conference, whose motto is "Digital Interconnection and Human Participation." After the Federal Councillor's speech, Dimitra Panteli, head of the Innovation specialist area at the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, provided an analysis of the international evolution of digitization, emphasizing the importance for Switzerland to adopt international standards in the development of digital solutions. Adrien Bron, director general of health of the Canton of Geneva, explained how five cantons in western Switzerland have joined forces through an intercantonal convention to promote digitization in the health sector, sharing costs, resources and experiences to position themselves as influential players. Professor Felix Gille, project manager at the Digital Society Initiative at the University of Zurich, emphasized the importance of trust in health data sharing, highlighting the need for system guarantees that protect the interests of the population and promote the capacity for digital self-determination.

Digisanté: promoting digitization in the health sector

Federal representatives presented Digisanté, the program for digital transformation in the healthcare sector adopted by the Federal Council in November 2023. This program aims to promote nationwide digitization by improving the connection between various actors, facilitating collaboration, and improving quality of care, efficiency, transparency, patient safety, and research. The computerized patient record (CIP) is already available, enabling clear storage and easy and secure access to crucial health information for patients, family members, and caregivers.

Although Switzerland has a top-notch healthcare system, there is still much to be done in terms of digitization. More coordination between IT systems and processes is needed to avoid duplication and ensure efficient use of information. With Digisanté, the federal government is committed to improving this situation for the benefit of patients and those who need high-quality health data for diagnosis, treatment, management and research.